C3® Flexible Penile Clamp

Manage Male Urine Leakage with Comfort, Confidence & Control

  • Effective for mild to moderate urine leakage
  • Dignified solution, easily concealed
  • Does not impede bloodflow
  • More economical than pads

The C3 penile clamp is an inexpensive and dignified solution for managing urine leakage. The C3 is contoured and cradle-like; it clamps evenly around the penis and its soft foam puts pressure only where it’s needed, on the urethra. This prevents the involuntary loss of urine, but does not cut off blood flow.

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The design of the C3 accounts for most commonly encountered clinical issues. It is constructed from materials carefully chosen to enhance patient comfort. The C3 is also compact and easy to conceal. Its elastic strap holds the C3 in place without shifting, giving patients the confidence to go about their daily routine. The disposable C3 is also reasonably priced, so patients are more likely to replace it at regular intervals, ensuring proper hygiene.

The C3 is available in three sizes – Small, Regular and Large (measured around) and is shipped in bags of 6 ea. for $60.00. Attractive professional discounts are available.

The C3 is also available as the Regainpenile clamp. The Regain is shipped in bags of 3 ea. for $30.00.

U.S. Patent No. 5,184,629 and related global patents.

How to Use the Regain and C3

Unfasten the strap on a flat device and place your penis through the opening (left). The foam side should face in and the strap should be on top.

Then fold the device towards your body to close it around your penis. (The hinges where the device sticks out should be AWAY from the body and the section with the bump should be undemeath your penis.) Position the device an inch or so away from your body before tightening the strap.

The bump presses against your urethra (the tube that carries urine) to prevent leakage.

Remember, every body’s different. It may take some experimentation and practice to make the device work well for you.

Regain clamps are sold in bags of 3 each