Take Control
of Your Urine Leakage

Regain® Flexible Penile Clamp

The Regain is a flexible penile clamp that protects against urine leakage in cases of mild-to-moderate incontinence. Most penile clamps are rigid. As a result, they can restrict blood flow to the penis and are more easily noticed under clothes. The Regain conforms for your body and only puts pressure where it is needed

It’s the bump

The Regain is made of a soft foam that’s held in place with an adjustable Velcro strap. There’s a bump in the foam that puts gentle pressure on your urethra. Compressing the urethra is the key to stopping urine leakage. Because this bump is only over the urethra, the Regain doesn’t block blood flow to your penis, and that’s the key to its comfort and its safety.

The Regain is shipped in bags of 3 and is available in 3 sizes (Small, Regular and Large). Sizes refer to circumference, not length. Getting the right size is important for both effectiveness and comfort, so please read the Regain Patient Brochure below to see how you should measure yourself and how to use the Regain. You are welcome to call us if you have questions or problems.

Regain is an OTC product, so you can buy it without a prescription. A bag of 3 Regains costs $30.00 and shipping is free.


Regain clamps are sold in bags of 3 each