EvaCare® Silicone Pessaries

Not All Pessaries Are Alike — Feel the Difference

Pessaries are a first-line option for pelvic organ prolapse and a well-placed pessary can achieve clinical results comparable to surgery, without comparable risk.

Quality. EvaCare® Pessaries are made of medical-grade silicone (no latex) and come in a variety of types and sizes in order to accommodate different anatomic needs.

Special Version. Personal Med sells 20 different kinds of pessaries, but by far the most popular is the Ring with Support, which is for milder prolapse (first to second degree). Because of its  popularity and clinical utility, Personal Med offers a special version (SV) of this pessary in multiple sizes. The SV Ring with Support, which is  recognizable  from its modified Yin symbol, has a different silicone formulation that is softer than other pessaries. Many clinicians and patients report that it is easier to insert and remove and can increase patient comfort. Try one and see how you feel.

“EvaCare SV Rings are a wonderful alternative compared to other brands due to their softness that provides added comfort for our patients.” – J. Rosen, Continence Center of America

Service. We ship most orders the same day and we support our customers with a caring, knowledgeable staff who actually answer the phone and spend the time needed to help.

“Calls are always very friendly and it’s easy to order. All items come in a timely fashion, without issues. I appreciate the great service!” –S. Rouse, Women’s Health Boutique, Airway Oxygen

Price. If you’re not buying from us now, check with us on pricing and if you’re already our customer, ask about volume discounts.