EvaCare® Silicone PessariesEvaCare® Silicone PessariesFeel the differenceFeaturing the SV Rings with Support,
composed of a softer silicone that makes
them easier to insert and remove and also
increases patient comfort.
Sensors and ElectrodesSensors and ElectrodesThe widest variety anywhereFeaturing SenseRx sensors, the quality standard in internal sensors for EMG and stimulation, with the best “fit & finish”
InWaveInWave StimulatorThe best, for lessEffective conservative treatment of Stress,
Urge and Mixed urinary incontinence. Pre
set operation, built in treatment timer and
compliance monitor

Welcome to Personal Med

Our mission is to restore control to those with incontinence or prolapse. We do this by providing best in class medical devices and supporting them with a knowledgeable, caring staff.

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