InWave Clinical Stimulator

Treat Incontinence Without Drugs or Surgery

The InWave is a clinical-grade stimulator that includes preset programs for Stress, Urge/OAB and Mixed urinary incontinence. Stimulation has been shown to be particularly effective for urgency/overactive bladder and its favorable patient satisfaction is in contrast to the high rate of discontinuance due to adverse events in the present generation of anticholinergics.

In addition to the InWave’s 3 preset programs, clinicians have the option of selecting any of 9 pre-programmed modes. Other features include a built-in treatment monitor, compliance meter and a large backlit display.

The InWave can also be used for patient home training due to its ease of use and built-in safety features that ensure patient protection at all times. Patients training with both stimulation and biofeedback can use the same (SenseRx) sensors.

Note: The InWave is a battery-powered device for wearable or hand-held use and does not require a PC.