About Personal Med

Personal Med’s mission is to restore control to those with incontinence and/or prolapse. We do this by providing the best-in-class medical devices supported by a knowledgeable, caring staff.

At Personal Med, we are strong advocates of conservative therapies. Click here to see why.

Personal Med is an FDA-registered manufacturer and the effectiveness of our devices is well-supported by clinical literature. Our otherwise all-female company is led by Kevin M. Connolly, who has founded and operated five medical device manufacturers. In addition to Personal Med, Mr. Connolly is currently the CEO of Vesiflo (www.vesiflo.com), manufacturer of the inFlow Voiding Prosthesis for women whose bladder function has been impaired by neurological disease or injury.

You are welcome to call us for more information. We still answer the phone. Of course, you can also reach us at contact@personalmed.com, by fax +1 425.497.1045, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Conservative treatments for incontinence and prolapse can be very effective, have few risks and do not preclude subsequent clinical options:

  • Pessaries are a first-line option for pelvic organ prolapse. A well-placed pessary can achieve clinical results comparable to surgery, without comparable risk. EvaCare Pessaries are made of medical-grade silicone (no latex) and come in a variety of types and sizes in order to accommodate different anatomic needs.
  • Pelvic muscle exercises are a first-line option for stress urinary incontinence can even improve prolapse. StepFree and EvaCare Vaginal Weights are a simple, inexpensive way to ensure that pelvic muscle exercises are performed correctly.
  • Personal Med also provides devices for clinical biofeedback and stimulation, which are the best documented, most effective conservative treatments for any type of incontinence (stress, urge/OAB, mixed UI or fecal). Please request our Restore Continence catalog for more information.