SenseRx Sensors for EMG and Stimulation

Product Nos. 4509C (Vaginal) and 4510C (Anal)

SenseRx sensors are the only internal sensors with extensive documentation of clinical efficacy and have been cited in numerous medical texts and peer reviewed journal articles. With the best “fit & finish” of any internal sensor, these remain the Quality Standard.

Internal sensors make the most faithful EMG measurements of the pelvic floor, since they most directly contact those muscles. SenseRx sensors have longitudinal (lengthwise, not circular) detection electrodes that maintain the proper orientation to muscle fibers for highest accuracy. Because they are self-seating, SenseRx sensors can be patient-inserted and patients can remain fully clothed during treatments.

Product Nos. 4509C (Vaginal) and 4510C (Anal/Small Vaginal)