Tone Your
Pelvic Floor Muscles

EvaCare® Vaginal Weights

If you’re experiencing bladder control problems or if you want to enhance your sexual health, you have two options, surgery or pelvic muscle exercises (PMEs or Kegels). PMEs can work, but many women do them wrong and they can be kind of boring. Vaginal weights can help in two ways:

  1. They help you identify the right muscles to train. Many women who do PMEs on the basis of verbal instruction wrongly recruit their abdominal muscles, which is counter-productive. Holding an inserted vaginal weight in place automatically recruits the right pelvic muscles.
  2. Vaginal weights also provide a tangible focus that can motivate you to keep training. You start with the lightest weight and as your pelvic tone improves you change to heavier weights.

EvaCare vaginal weights are made in the USA in Personal Med’s FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facility. We use biocompatible plastic, surgical (non-bacterial) suture and stainless-steel weights, not lead like some similar products. As a result, you can feel good about what you are putting in your body.


EvaCare vaginal weights are an OTC product, so you can buy them without a prescription. The price is $49.95 and shipping is free.