Take Control
of Your Prolapse

EvaCare® Silicone Pessaries

A pessary is a vaginal insert made of medical-grade silicone that provides pelvic support. Pessaries are a safe and simple way to manage prolapse (sagging organs) and/or urinary incontinence (urine leakage) caused by prolapse. A well-placed pessary can achieve clinical results comparable to surgery, without comparable risk.

The most common type of pessary is a Ring, either with or without support. Rings are often used for milder prolapse. EvaCare Ring pessaries are made of a soft silicone composition and can be more easily inserted and removed than other brands of pessaries.

In addition to Rings, there are 9 other types of EvaCare pessaries, and each type has multiple sizes. The wide range of pessaries ensures finding one that fits your individual anatomy. However, because there are so many alternatives, your pessary should be selected and fitted by a clinician to ensure that it’s effective and comfortable. This is why pessaries require a prescription. A Clinician Prescription Form is included in the EvaCare Patient Brochure below, which also describes how pessaries work and what to expect when you get a pessary.

For a detailed description of what’s involved when you live with a pessary, click on The Use and Care of Pessaries, also below.